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RESCUE POOL along with other brokers such as OctaFX, GCMAsia help Forex traders find the best trading terms in the market.

We maintain a high standard for safe trading environment and offer the best and most fair trading terms for every Forex trader. Each year, we improve our terms and standards in an ongoing effort to make trading with Forex brokers like # 1 OctaFX more cost effective than other brokers in the market. We help Forex traders develop the knowledge and skills they need to trade efficiently and responsibly.

The transaction must be through the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). To buy and sell shares in Malaysia must be through the Malaysian Stock Exchange (formerly known as KLSE).

Forex is different and there is no operating center. This is due to the different currencies of each country. Forex trading saw many parties ranging from RETAIL TRADER to CENTRAL BANK in each country. That's why the Forex market is bigger than the Stock market.